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Sourcing Off Market Deals

Setting the First Call and Trying To Avoid the GFYs

Ronald Skelton provides a comprehensive overview of sourcing off-market deals. He explains the benefits of going off-market and the challenges that may arise. Skelton emphasizes the importance of setting goals and tracking progress when sourcing deals. He also discusses various methods for reaching out to potential sellers, including LinkedIn outreach, direct mail, and cold email. Skelton highlights the need for active listening and understanding the needs of the seller. He concludes by offering resources and tools for further assistance in sourcing off-market deals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Off-market deals offer faster sales and potential tax advantages for sellers.

  • It is important to clean up your online presence before reaching out to potential sellers.

  • Set goals and measure progress when sourcing off-market deals.

  • Determine where your target sellers hang out and tailor your outreach methods accordingly.

  • Use LinkedIn outreach, direct mail, and cold email to connect with potential sellers.

  • Be responsive and build rapport with potential sellers to establish trust.

  • Actively listen and understand the needs of the seller to facilitate successful negotiations.


  • "You are who Google says you are."

  • "Set goals and ways to measure them."

  • "Keep it honest and keep it simple."

  • "Who do you know that might be ready to have this type of conversation?"

  • "Be sure to follow up in a timely manner."

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In this 35-minute presentation, you will learn how to identify potential targets, how to create accurate list of business owners to contact including free sources of business owners, how to use effective outreach strategies, the importance of creating a prospecting process, and utilize tools and resources to streamline the process.

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Why Listen to me:

Hey maybe you shouldn’t, my MBA is in marketing, I was a trained Low Cost, High Impact Marketing Coach under Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing system and spent 10’s of 1000’s being trained in copywriting by guys like Dan Kennedy.

Using this and the follow-up training (also free) about automating LinkedIn outreach, the last big M&A project I got involved with secured over 200 business owner calls via zoom during the pandemic in less than 200 days and for just a few $100/ month in expenses. - Hate to toot my own horn but.. this is the best outcome I’ve seen so.. Toot Toot.. LOL - Ronald Skelton


00:00:00 Sourcing Off-Market Deals: A Guide to Finding and Connecting with Sellers +

00:01:42 Sourcing Off Market Deals: What to Expect +

00:03:43 Tire Kickers and Motivated Sellers +

00:05:11 Exploring the Challenges of Off-Market Business Acquisition +

00:06:44 Subject: Benefits of Off-Market Deals for Business Acquisition +

00:11:49 "Tips for Building a Professional Online Presence for Search Funders and Acquisition Entrepreneurs" +

00:16:44 Importance of identifying a target and not having to get it right the first time +

00:18:39 Discussion on Buying a Business: Considerations for Company Systems, Processes, and Culture +

00:20:10 How to Generate Leads: Your list of owners to contact +

00:24:08 Utilizing Referrals and Direct Mail for Business Growth +

00:25:37 Cold Outreach Strategies for Business Growth +

00:30:23 Direct mail sample +

00:33:04 Conversation on Response Time and Active Listening +

00:34:33 Achieving Goals +

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The Hub Main Street M&A and growth
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