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LinkedIn Deal Sourcing Automation

Sourcing Motivated Sellers with Killing Your LinkedIn Account

"Learn how to generate leads on LinkedIn with this comprehensive training! From optimizing your profile to using automation tools, you'll discover the secrets to success.”

Works for B2B – Works for Reaching business Sellers who frequent Linkedin.

This training session focuses on lead generation on LinkedIn and the use of automation tools for deal sourcing. The speaker discusses the importance of having a great LinkedIn profile and demonstrates how to conduct targeted market searches using Sales Navigator. They also introduce two automation tools, and explain their features and benefits. The speaker emphasizes the need for a well-optimized LinkedIn profile and shares insights on how to effectively engage with potential connections.

Key Takeaways:

  • Connect, Offer Value, Don’t Spam.  (No one wants what you are selling. They need problems solved.  Learn first)

  • A great LinkedIn profile is critical when reaching out to potential connections.

  • Sales Navigator provides advanced search features that can help you find your target audience more effectively.

  • Automation can streamline the lead generation process and increase efficiency. Use them wrong and you can get you account blocked.

  • It is important to monitor and adjust your campaigns to improve acceptance rates and response rates.

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If you're looking to up your game on LinkedIn and generate more leads, then you won't want to miss this training session. In just a short time, we cover everything from optimizing your LinkedIn profile to using powerful tools like Sales Navigator, and the Social Selling Index. We even share automation tools that can save you time and effort when generating leads.

With Ronald's expert guidance, you'll learn how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out, how to use the right tools for targeted market searches, and how to leverage automation to make the process easier. You'll also discover how to create an appealing profile and attract connections.

Don't let your LinkedIn profile hold you back from generating new leads. Join Ronald's training session and take your LinkedIn game to the next level. Watch now!

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00:00:00 LinkedIn Automation: Generating Leads with Sales Navigator and Automation Tools +

00:02:05 Exploring Powerful Tools for LinkedIn: A Conversation with Ronald Skelton +

00:03:25 "Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Maximum Connections" +

00:06:46 "Establishing Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn" +

00:09:16 Analysis of Social Networking Score for Entrepreneur +

00:10:40 Analysis of LinkedIn Score and Connection Limits +

00:12:02 Automating Your LinkedIn Connections +

00:13:30 Exploring LinkedIn Connections to Target a Specific Audience +

00:15:28 Exploring Advanced Search Features on LinkedIn for Business Owners +

00:16:46 Exploring Advanced Search Techniques for Finding CEO Information +

00:19:57 "Using Dux Soup to Automate Target Market Search for CEOs" +

00:26:49 "Maximizing LinkedIn Connection Requests with Automation Tools" +

00:27:47 "Maximizing LinkedIn Connections: A Step-by-Step Guide" +

00:33:36 Automated User Engagement with Dux Soup Tool +

00:36:01 Discussion on Dux Soup Chrome Plugin and Sales Navigator Search +

00:37:18 Refining Your Target Audience with Sales Navigator +

00:47:01 "Utilizing Automation Tools to Reach Out to Prospects on LinkedIn" +

00:55:22 Using Meet Alfred Without Sales Navigator +

01:03:47 "Building a Sophisticated Campaign to Increase Networking Scores" +

01:05:02 Follow-Up Automation for Social Media Connections +

The Hub Main Street M&A and growth
The Hub Main Street M&A and growth
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